Renesas implements security, safety and convenience all in one in its follow-me, immobilizer and answerback solution. The solution is developed using RL78/F13, a 16-bit MCU which has built-in CAN module and LIN module for automotive interfaces, in addition to the functional safety features.

Communication via CAN bus may be established with other modules such as the engine control unit, enabling starting of the bike after authentication, and the cluster for indication.

This demo implements dual channel IPD for blinkers and single channel IPD for headlamp drive, providing follow-me function. The bike key can be used to activate follow-me-home lights that stay on for a predefined time after the key is removed from the ignition.


Block Diagram

Key Features
  • Solution uses industry’s lowest power automotive-grade single chip 16-bit microcontroller
  • Immobilizer
    • Based on single chip base station IC
    • In-built coil antenna driver
  • Answerback
    • High sensitivity – 110 dB
    • 20 million combinations
    • Programmable data rate (600 bps to 4.8kbps)
  • Follow me
    • Implemented by keeping headlamp on for specified time after ignition is turned off
Recommended Products
  • Microcontroller: RL78/F13 (R5F10A6A)
  • IPD: UPD166038 (Dual Channel)
  • IPD: UPD166031(Single Channel)
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