R-Car M3 model R-Car Starter Kit Pro
R-Car H3 model R-Car Starter Kit Premier
Renesas releases new development kits designed for professional engineers in highly specialized areas such as image recognition and HMI

Software development for car information systems is increasing in scale and complexity in recent years, in order to accelerate the development of autonomous driving and to develop new functionality to attractively differentiate vehicles. As more companies are starting automotive software development, there is an urgent need to secure skilled and specialized engineers as well the development environment required for automotive applications. Renesas has developed R-Car starter kits for supporting automotive software development. These kits enable users to easily build automotive Linux platforms that are standardized by the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) and GENIVI® open source communities and that are highly extensible and can be used for wide variety of applications. 

Since the hardware used has high computing capabilities for automotive and the latest open source software can be used, by having one kit on hand per engineer from the professional community, the engineer can concentrate on advanced development of specialized software allowing you to realize new automotive computing systems quickly. 

R-Car Starter Kit

R-Car Starter Kit Features

  1. Simplifies the process of establishing open-source automotive Linux environments 
    The R-Car starter kits are designed to simplify the task of setting up automotive Linux environments for engineers who are new to the development of automotive software, and are competitively priced so that each developer can be provided with their own kit.
    The kits provide powerful computing libraries with support for cutting-edge HMI software and cognitive computing. They also support the QNXR real-time OS with its proven track record in the automotive field. With this robust environment, the R-Car starter kits are well suited as development platforms for automotive software created by highly specialized professional communities of open-source developers.
  2. High level of extensibility for use with a wide range of automotive computing applications
    The R-Car starter kits provide the primary peripheral interfaces essential to automotive computing development. There is also a 440-pin expansion port that enables use of all the peripheral pins of the R-Car SoC, enabling the kits to be employed for a wide range of computing applications, from a simple advanced computer vision development environment to prototyping of large-scale systems such as integrated cockpits.
  3. Lineup of two kits with compatible interfaces, one with the R-Car H3 and one with the R-Car M3

R-Car Starter Kit lineup

Class Function
CPU R-Car Starter Kit Premier (employing the R-Car H3):
• Arm CA57 (Armv8) 1.5 GHz quad core, with NEON/VFPv4, L1 cache I/D 48 K/32 K, L2 cache 2 MB
• Arm CA53 (Armv8) 1.2 GHz quad core, with NEON/VFPv4, L1 cache I/D 32 K/32 K, L2 cache 512 K
• memory controller for LPDDR4 4 GB in 2 channels, each 64-bit wide

R-Car Starter Kit Pro (employing the R-Car M3):
• Arm CA57 (Armv8) 1.7 GHz dual core, with NEON/VFPv4, L1 cache I/D 48 K/32 K, L2 cache 2 MB
• Arm CA53 (Armv8) 1.3 GHz quad core, with NEON/VFPv4, L1 cache I/D 32 K/32 K, L2 cache 512 K
• memory controller for LPDDR4 2 GB in 2 channels, each 32-bit wide

• three-dimensional graphics engines
• video processing units
• 3 channels display output
• 6 channels video input
• SD card host interface
• USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 interfaces
• CAN interfaces
• Ethernet AVB
• PCI Express Interfaces
Memory • internal 384 KBytes system RAM
• 64 MBytes HyperFlashTM
• 16 MBytes QSPI flash
• 8 GBytes eMMC
• microSD card slot
Connectors CN1 expansion connector 440-pin
• CN2 QSPI flash module
• CN3 debug JTAG
• CN5 USB 2.0
• CN6 push-pull microSD card socket
• CN7 Ethernet connector RJ45
• CN8 LINE out
• CN9 MIC input
• CN10 debug serial
• CN11 CPLD programming JTAG
• CN12 debug serial
• CN13 main power supply input (5 V DC)
• CN14 CPU fan
Board specifications • Dimensions: 100mm × 100mm
• Height: 57mm (with FAN)
• External power supply 5V / 4A-8A, ripple & noise (Vp-p) full load 200 mV

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