The ISL71934M is a radiation tolerant, low insertion loss, 50Ω SP2T absorptive RF switch designed for a multitude of wireless and communications applications. This device covers a broad frequency range from 50MHz to 6000MHz. In addition to providing low insertion loss, the device delivers high linearity and high isolation performance while providing a constant 50Ω termination to the unused input. The ISL71934M features patented Constant Impedance Technology which reduces transients during switching events, allowing the impedance match to stay constant. 

The ISL71934M is rated for Total Ionizing Dose (TID) up to 30krad(Si) and Single Event Latch-up and Burnout up to 43MeV∙cm²/mg. The ISL71934M operates over the full military temperature range, -55°C to +125°C and uses a NiPdAu plated uPPF roughened lead frame. 


  • High Isolation – 70dB at 1GHz, 65dB at 4GHz
  • High Linearity – IIP2 = 111dBm, IIP3 = 64dBm
  • Constant Impedance Technology
  • Active power power handling up to 34dBm
  • Characterized for Total Ionizing Dose and Single Even Latch-up and Burnout
  • Wide supply voltage range
  • Supports 1.8V and 3.3V control logic


  • Satellite communications system
  • Antenna switching
  • IF switching
  • Digital pre-distortion feedback


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