QE for BLE: Development Assistance Tool for Bluetooth® Low Energy


This is a debugging assistance tool for developing systems which use the Bluetooth® low energy. It supports the e² studio integrated development environment.

Easy testing of communications via Bluetooth®.


New release: QE for BLE[RA] V1.1.0
V1.1.0 of QE for BLE[RA] is usable with 64-bit versions of the e² studio. Note that Flexible Software Package (FSP) V1.3.0 or later must be separately installed.

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Release Information

Product Name Latest Ver. Released Target Device Details Download Operating Environment
QE for BLE[RA] V1.1.0 Sep 11, 2020 RA Family See Tool News  Download e² studio 2020-07 or later
FSP V1.3.0 or later
QE for BLE[RX] V1.0.0 Dec 04, 2019 RX Family See Tool News  Download e² studio V7.6.0 or later
QE for BLE V1.0.0 Mar 22, 2016 RL78 Family See Tool News  Download e² studio V4.1.0 or later

Note: For detailed support devices, refer to "Target Devices" below.


The QE for BLE is a dedicated tool for developing embedded software in systems which support the Bluetooth® low energy protocol stack. This solution toolkit runs in the e² studio integrated development environment. The combination of the e² studio and QE for BLE makes it easy to test the communications features of Bluetooth® low energy such as the RA4W1, RX23W, and RL78/G1D groups, thus reducing development periods up to products being placed on the market.

Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Easy Testing of Communications via the Bluetooth® Specification

You can try communications based on Bluetooth® with a scripting feature for calling API commands for the Bluetooth® low energy protocol stack, and log communications between Bluetooth® devices.

With these features, you can soon start testing Bluetooth® operations, leaving you to concentrate on understanding or studying the basic features of communications, without having to create a complicated embedded program requiring initial settings for an MCU and so on.

We will be providing users with sample scripts for connection to smartphones in each of the various profiles (communications protocols defined by Bluetooth®). (Note1)


  1. The supported functions differ depending on the QE for BLE for each MCU family.

Note: Some functions are supported by QE for BLE[RX] only.

Limitless Usages and Combinations

Since Bluetooth® communications can be controlled by a PC (QE for BLE runs under the e² studio) instead of special hardware, you can test your rough ideas (e.g., for operation with a Heart Rate Profile (HRP) device) by using the scripting feature to verify its operation, even though your original hardware is not yet ready.

While developing applications for smartphones, you can check the various settings of the target devices by using a PC with the scripting feature of the QE as a pseudo other party.

Supported Library


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