Simulator for CS+ of RL78 Family, 78K0R and 78K0


This simulator enables source-level debugging of applications on our integrated development environment CS+ even before the target system becomes available, thus achieving efficient debugging of the programs developed for the RL78 family, 78K0R, and 78K0 MCUs.

It comes with diverse break and coverage measurement functions and allows you to evaluate software modules almost as if they were running on the actual system board. Furthermore, its intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface) operability makes your debugging environment highly user-friendly.

Release Information

Operating Environment

This product is included in the following compiler packages for CS+ and will be added to the integrated development environment automatically upon installing CS+.

For RL78/G10, RL78/G12, RL78/G13, RL78/G14, 78K0R/Kx3, 78K0R/Ix3, 78K0R/Lx3, and 78K0/Kx2 devices, following simulation is available in addition to CPU instruction simulation.

  • The simulation for MCU peripheral functions such as timers, serial ports.
  • Virtual target board simulation via "I/O panel" window
  • MCU pin signal waveform generation in "Timing chart" window
  • MCU current consumption simulation (Note1)


  1. Current consumption simulation is available for RL78/G10, RL78/G12, RL78/G13, and RL78/G14 devices.


Superb usability
  • Excellent operability enabled by our integrated development environment CS+
  • Graphical display of the result (Visual debug function)
Comprehensive debug functions
  • Mixed display of programs written in C and Assembly languages
  • Various break conditions including PC and memory access
  • Diverse trace functions
  • Automatic updating and display of memory and register during program execution
  • Stack trace function
Performance evaluation
  • Cycle-accurate performance evaluation (Number of cycles can be measured by taking into account bus width, instruction queue buffer and the number of wait.)
  • Profiling and CS+ analysis functions (Number of execute cycles can be measured for each function.)
  • Coverage function (Display in C and Assembly languages)

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