Available at affordable prices though, the Renesas' compact emulator has all the functions needed for the actual development, such as real-time trace and hardware breaks.


The emulator main unit comes in a significantly reduced size, compared with conventional emulator systems. This product package includes not only an emulator main unit and connectors but also the limited cross tools, so, you can program and debug your applications as soon as you open the package.



Release Information

M16C R8C Compact Emulator Debugger
Latest Ver.: V.1.03
Release 00
Released: Jul 1, 2007
Details of upgrade (See Tool News)

Operating Environment



See related documentation. (user's manual,   release note, etc.)



See related documentation. (user's manual,   release note, etc.)



See related documentation. (user's manual,   release note, etc.)


Options (purchasable separately)

  • M3028BT-EPBM
    Maintenance part for M3028BT2-CPE (User-replaceable MCU board for M16C/Tiny Series M16C/26A, M16C/28 and M16C/29 Group)


Target Devices

M16C Family M16C/Tiny Series

  • M16C/26A Group (M16C/26A, M16C/26B, M16C/26T)
  • M16C/28 Group (M16C/28(Normal-ver./T-ver./V-ver.), M16C/28B)
  • M16C/29 Group (M16C/29(Normal-ver./T-ver./V-ver.))


Note: M3028BT2-CPE is M30290T2-CPE's successor which enables operation at a MCU's maximum operating frequency of 24 MHz.

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