What is Dynamically Reconfigurable Process (DRP) Library?

  • The DRP library is a set of configured firmware ‘tiles’ with various functions.
    By loading the firmware into the DRP, these functions can be processed in hardware.


Advantages of the DRP Library

  • The DRP library can enable functions to be processed many times faster than can be achieved by traditional CPU processing. Therefore, it can speed up a whole system.
  • Firmware can be dynamically loaded into the DRP. It is possible to exchange each function in hardware during system operation. Loading takes a few hundred microseconds.
  • Renesas provides a DRP driver that can easily control loading and execution using the firmware. This driver makes it easy to use the DRP library in your solution.

Function List of the DRP Library

Function Outline
Simple ISP Image processing is performed on RAW data from CMOS camera. (Pipeline processing of average luminance calculation, demosaic processing, gamma correction, noise removal, edge emphasis, etc.).
Bayer to Grayscale Converts from RAW data acquired from CMOS to grayscale.
Bayer to RGB Converts from RAW data acquired from CMOS to RGB.
ARGB to Grayscale Converts from ARGB to grayscale.
Gamma correction Corrects the image with gamma value.(Gamma correction value γ=2.0)
Binarization (Fixed) Converts the image to a binary image with a fixed threshold.
Binarization (Adaptive) Converts the image to a binary image with a dynamic threshold matching the surrounding image.
Median filter Reduces the noise contained in the image.
Gaussian filter Image smoothing.
Unsharp masking Image sharpening.
Sobel filter Creates the edge of the image using Sobel filter.
Prewitt filter Creates the edge of the image using Prewitt filter.
Laplacian filter Creates the edge of the image using Laplacian filter.
Circle fitting Detects circle from the input image.
Histogram Generates a histogram from the input image.
Dilate Dilation of white region of the image.
Erode Erosion of white region of the image.
Cropping Crops a part of the image.
Resize Resizes the image. (Using bilinear/nearest interpolation)
Image rotate Rotates the image.
Affine Performs parallel translation and linear transformation of the image.
Canny edge detection Detects the edge of the image using the Canny method.
Corner Harris detection Detects the corner contained in the image using the method devised by Chris Harris.
ReedSolomon Error correction using Reed-Solomon code. (Primitive polynomial of order 8)
Thinning Performs thinning of the image.
Minutiae extraction Process of extracting feature points of fingerprint ridges used in fingerprint recognition.
Find Contours Detect a contour and output its circumscribed rectangle.

If you require functions not in the present DRP library for RZ/A2M, you can contact Renesas Support to discuss possible solutions.

For details on the DRP library/DRP driver, refer to the user's manual included in the software package.

Users manual:

Software package:


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