To use the RX23W Bluetooth feature, a protocol stack conforming to the Bluetooth specification is required. Also, the Bluetooth-compliant profiles and mesh software enhance your Bluetooth product interoperability in a wide application area.

Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol Stack Basic Package

Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack basic package includes Bluetooth v5.0 compliant protocol stack library, API reference document for using the library and an application demo project for operation check.

The Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol Stack (RX) provides three types of libraries. The Bluetooth features you need is selectable by each feature set. The All features set supports all Low Energy (LE) specifications in Bluetooth Core Specification v5.0.

 Available | — Unavailable

Feature Version (Note1) All features Balance Compact
LE Controller (1M PHY and LL) 4.0
LE Host (L2CAP and Security Manager) 4.0
Attribute Protocol and Generic Attribute Profile 4.0
Appearance Data Type CSA 2 (Note2)
Low Duty Cycle Directed Advertising 4.1
32-bit UUID Support in LE 4.1
LE L2CAP Connection Oriented Channel Support 4.1
LE Link Layer Topology 4.1
LE Ping 4.1
LE Data Packet Length Extension 4.2
LE Secure Connections 4.2
Link Layer Privacy 4.2
Link Layer Extended Scanner Filter Policies 4.2
LE 2M PHY 5.0
LE Coded PHY (Long Range) 5.0
High Duty Cycle Non-Connectable Advertising 5.0
LE Advertising Extensions 5.0
LE Channel Selection Algorithm #2 5.0
GAP Role - Central / Peripheral
Observer / Broadcaster
Central / Peripheral
Observer / Broadcaster
GATT Role - Client / Server Client / Server Client / Server
Concurrent Link - Up to 7 Up to 7 Up to 7
Code size (CC-RX v2) All features Balance Compact
ROM 182KB 140KB 125KB
RAM (Maximum configuration) 38KB 23KB 23KB


  1. Indicates the version of Bluetooth Core specification that was first introduced.
  2. CSA: Core Specification Addendum

Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack basic package provides an application demo project that shows an example of protocol stack integration into your project and an example of user application implementation.
It notifies pressing push switch of Renesas evaluation board by Bluetooth communication and controls blinking of LED.
Control from a smartphone is also possible by using a general purpose BLE communication smartphone app such as GATTBrowser.

Bluetooth Low Energy Profiles

RX23W supports various profiles with Bluetooth certification.
Details of the specifications are published in Bluetooth GATT Specifications on the Bluetooth SIG website.

Applications / fields Profile name / supported version Related services
Healthcare Blood Pressure Profile BLP 1.0.1 BLS DIS        
Health Thermometer Profile HTP 1.0 HTS DIS        
Heart Rate Profile HRP 1.0 HRS DIS        
Glucose Profile GLP 1.0 GLS DIS        
Pulse Oximeter Profile PLXP 1.0 PLXS DIS BAS CTS BMS  
Continuous Glucose Monitoring Profile CGMP 1.0.1 CGMS DIS BMS      
Reconnection Configuration Profile RCP 1.0 RCS BMS        
Insulin Delivery Profile IDP 1.0 IDS DIS BAS CTS BMS IAS
Sports and fitness Cycling Power Profile CPP 1.1 CPS DIS BAS      
Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile CSCP 1.0 CSCS DIS        
Running Speed and Cadence Profile RSCP 1.0 RSCS DIS        
Location and Navigation Profile LNP 1.0 LNS DIS BAS      
Weight Scale Profile WSP 1.0 WSS BCS DIS BAS CTS UDS
Fitness Machine Profile FTMP 1.0 FTMS DIS UDS      
Environmental Sensing Profile ESP 1.0 ESS DIS BAS      
Radio tag Find Me Profile FMP 1.0 IAS          
Proximity Profile PXP 1.0.1 IAS LLS TPS      
Smartphone Alert Notification Profile ANP 1.0 ANS          
Phone Alert Status Profile PASP 1.0 PASS          
Time Profile TIP 1.0 CTS NDCS RTUS      
HID(Human Interface Device) HID over GATT Profile HOGP 1.0 HIDS DIS BAS      
Scan Parameters Profile ScPP 1.0 ScPS          
Industrial equipment Automation IO Profile AIOP 1.0 AIOS          

Profiles are generated from QE for BLE [RX]. You can also design and generate custom profiles.
Download QE Utility Module to use QE for BLE.
For details on how to develop a profile, refer to the profile developer's guide.

Bluetooth Mesh

A mesh software library that conforms to the Bluetooth Mesh Networking specification is provided.
Details of the specifications are published in Mesh Networking Specifications on the Bluetooth SIG website.

Bluetooth Mesh Package

  • RX23W Bluetooth Mesh library
  • Generic On/Off Model sample program
  • Mesh mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Startup guide
  • Development guide
  • API reference document

Get Bluetooth Low Energy protocol stack to use the mesh stack package.


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