Software development in C on Embedded GUI Solution Kit using the Renesas RX600 series MCUs requires three main components:

  • An Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • A C compiler suite
  • A programmer/debugger device with drivers

There are three main IDEs available:

This guide covers the HEW installation.

There are three main C Compilers available:

This guide covers the KPIT GNU C installation.

There are several debugger/programmer solutions, requiring both the hardware debug adapter plus appropriate software drivers:

The Segger J-Link LITE RX covered in this guide.

For more information on Renesas development tools, please visit the Renesas tools site.

Installing HEW

HEW runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7 platforms. Please consult the Renesas HEW website for complete system requirements.

Renesas HEW IDE is not available for download as a standalone item. Instead, you must download the complete build from a starter kit or development kit. These instructions use the release image for the YRDKRX63N starter kit.

  1. Download the YRDKRX63N Installation ZIP to your PC and extract it.
  2. Run the install program autorun.exe from the DVD10 folder to install HEW. DO NOT INSTALL the KPIT GNU Compiler from the YRDKRX63N installation files: the version included in the YRDKRX63N installation may be out of date. Also, you will need an activation key from KPIT Cummins. After the base HEW IDE is installed we'll cover how to get and install the latest KPIT GNU C compiler suite.
  3. Install the YRDKRX63N with the rest of the settings as default.
480px RXHEW

Updating HEW

Once HEW is installed, you will need to update it to the latest revision. This will enable new features and new microprocessor support for the RX63x series as well.

  1. Download the latest updater for HEW at the Renesas HEW update website
  2. Follow the install directions and update your HEW install to the latest version.

Installing the KPIT GNU C Compiler

For C-based development, you will need a C Compiler. The no-cost GNU C/C++ compiler from KPIT Cummins includes full plug-in compatibility with the Renesas HEW IDE.

  1. Register with KPIT and get an activation code before you can download and install the tools; it may take 24 hours to get access and a code.
  2. Once you have your activation code, log into the KPIT website, and navigate to the Free Downloads->KPIT GNU Tools area.

Installing the KPIT GNU C Compiler

  1. Select the GNURX vXX.XX Windows Tool Chain (ELF) download

  1. Run the downloaded installer. Default settings are usually sufficient for the installation.

Installing the Hardware Programmer/Debugger Drivers

Now that HEW and GNURX Toolchain are installed, you can now install the hardware debugger software drivers.

Installing the Segger JLink Debugger Drivers

The Segger J-Link LITE RX debugger is great, cost-effective debugger solution.

Full information about the Segger J-Link debuggers for the Renesas RX can be found here.

The Segger J-Link Driver install is actually a two part download/install process. You must install both parts in the exact sequence described below.

Segger Install Part 1 (HEW Registration)

This step notifies HEW about the Segger debugger(s). You only need to do this step the first time you install Segger tools into HEW. If you are updating your Segger driver, you can skip this step.

  1. Download the J-Link HEW Registration Utiility
  2. Run this installer

Installing the Segger JLink Debugger Drivers

Segger Install Part 2 (Drivers)

In this step, we'll install the latest drivers for the Segger debugger(s).

  1. Download the latest J-Link RX Software Package
  2. Run the Setup_JlinkRX_Vxxx.exe installer. Use the default settings and do not click on the other boxes as it will overwrite the entries for other debuggers!

Segger Install

  1. The Segger J-Link RX DLL Updater will also get installed as a Windows application. Click on the Windows Start button, find SEGGER->JLink RX folder and run the Segger J-Link RX DLL Updater program. You may see a screen again similar to above. Click OK and the application will install/update the DLLs for HEW.
  2. Reboot your PC. It has been experienced at Serious where the installation process leaves a side-effect that causes Windows to get confused where Explorer shortcuts are located, and a proactive reboot avoids this issue.

Installation Complete

You should now have everything installed and ready to run HEW.