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M3A-HS86 Features

  • It is easy for evaluation of on-chip peripheral I/O and system extension.   All SH7086 I/O port are connected to extension connectors (*1) so that it is possible to develop the extension board for a variety of uses.
  • The H-UDI connector (36-pin/14-pin) to which Renesas emulator E10A-USB (*2)can be connected is mounted on board.   (*1): Only through holes are available
    (*2): Optional item


M3A-HS86 Specifications

Item Specification
  • SH7086 (SH-2 CPU Core)
    - Input clock: 10MHzInput clock: 10MHz
    - CPU clock: 80MHz, max.CPU clock: 80MHz, max.
    - Bus clock: 40MHz, max.
    - Peripheral clock: 40MHz, max
  • On-chip Memory
    - Flash Memory:512KB
    - RAM: 32KB
  • H-UDI connector (36-pin / 14-pin)
  • Serial port connector (RS-232C, 9-pin, D-sub connector)
  • Extension connector *Only through holes are available
  • User I/O connector (for motor control) *Only through holes are available
  • Power LED (1pc.)
  • User LED (7 pcs.)
  • LED for interrupt confirmation (1pc.)
  • Reset switch, NMI switch, IRQ1 switch
  • System setup DIP switch (4poles, 1 pc.)
  • User DIP switch (4poles, 1pc.)
Board Dimensions
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm
  • Mounting form: 6-layer, double-side mounted
  • Board configuration:1 board
Included Accessories
  • CD-ROM (User's manual, Installation manual, Sample program)
  • Release Note
  • Power supply cable
    *Notice: It is necessary to prepare following items separately (These products are not included)
    - Power supply (5V, 1.5A min.)
    - SuperH RISC engine C/C++ compiler package
    - E10A-USB


This product does not include power supply and development tools. It is necessary to prepare following items separately.
- Power supply (5V, 1.5A, min.)
- SuperH RISC engine C/C++ compiler package
- E10A-USB


M3A-HS86 Documents

File Name File Size Contents
rej10j0916_m3a_hs86um.pdf 1468KB M3A-HS86 User's Manual (Rev.1.0)

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