Multi-Cell Li-Ion Battery Manager Evaluation Kit


The ISL94212EVKIT1Z is an evaluation kit that facilitates use of the ISL94212 Li-ion battery manager IC. The ISL94212 monitors cell voltage and temperature. It converts the cell voltages and temperatures to 14-bit digital values, provides cell balance control, and it provides significant fault detection. The ISL94212 can operate in a single device configuration, or multiple kits can be cascaded using a built-in daisy chain connection. The daisy chain hardware provides robust, redundant board-to-board communications.

Key Features

  • Supports both stand alone and daisy chained configurations
  • Daisy chaining with both connector only or wire jumper options
  • GUI provided export option for generation of detailed register and/or SPI communications log files
  • USB dongle runs HID firmware for driver-less enumeration and communications with Windows platforms
  • GUI add-in chart generation tool supports real-time graphing, zoom and export of captured data
  • Software provides checksum requirements associated with daisy chain communications
  • Kit includes “Battery Emulation” board(s) for cell voltages generation


  • Light electric vehicle (LEV); E-Moto; E-Bike
  • Battery backup systems; Energy storage systems (ESS)
  • Solar farms
  • Portable and semi-portable equipment

ISL94212EVKIT1Z Battery Manager Eval Kit

ISL94212EVKIT1Z Battery Manager Eval Kit


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