ISL72813SEH Rad Hard 32-Channel Driver with Integrated Decoder Evaluation Board


The ISL72813SEHEV1Z evaluation board is designed to provide a quick and easy method for evaluating the ISL72813SEH 32-channel driver circuit IC. This device is a unique IC. To use this evaluation board properly requires a thorough knowledge of the operation of the IC. Refer to the ISL72813SEH datasheet for an understanding of the functions and features of the device.

The ISL72813SEH is a radiation hardened, high-voltage, high-current, driver circuit fabricated using Intersil's proprietary PR40 silicon-on-insulator process technology to mitigate single-event effects. This device integrates 32 driver circuits that feature high-voltage, common emitter, and open-collector outputs with a 42V breakdown voltage and a peak current rating of 600mA.

Key Features

  • Toggle switches for easy control of logic pins
  • LED circuitry for quick functional testing
  • Convenient test points and connections for test equipment
  • MCU interface connector for control of logic
  • Banana jacks for power and ground connections


  • Switch and relay drivers
  • Line drivers
  • Logic buffers
  • Lamp drivers


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