Rad Hard 3.3V CAN Transceiver Evaluation Boards

The ISL7202xSEHEVAL1Z boards are designed to provide a quick and easy method for evaluating the ISL72026SEH, ISL72027SEH and ISL72028SEH 3.3V radiation tolerant CAN transceivers. These devices are unique ICs. To use this evaluation board properly requires a thorough knowledge of the operation of the ICs. Refer to the ISL72026SEH , ISL72027SEH and ISL72028SEH datasheets for an understanding of the functions and features of these devices.

The Intersil ISL7202xSEH family of devices are 3.3V radiation tolerant CAN transceivers that are compatible with the ISO11898-2 standard for use in CAN (Controller Area Network) serial communication systems. The transceiver performs transmit and receive functions between the CAN controller and the CAN differential bus. It can transmit and receive at bus speeds of up to 1Mbps. They were specifically designed to operate in harsh environments such as space.

Key Features

  • D-SUB 9-pin male connector for connection to another CAN evaluation board
  • 60Ω resistor across the differential signal lines to evaluate propagation delay, rise/fall time and skew parameters
  • Convenient test points and connections for test equipment
  • Jumpers to select between the three rise/fall settings or tie RS high to enter low power listen (ISL72026, ISL72027)/shutdown (ISL72028) modes
  • Banana jacks for power, ground and voltage common-mode (VCM) connections


  • Satellites and aerospace communications
  • Telemetry data processing 
  • High-end industrial environments 
  • Harsh environments and Harsh environments

ISL72028SEHEVAL1Z 3.3V Rad Hard CAN Transceiver Eval Board

ISL72028SEHEVAL1Z 3.3V Rad Hard CAN Transceiver Eval Board




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