VRM8.5 PWM and Triple Linear Power System Controller Evaluation Board


The ISL6524EVAL1 evaluation board is a 4-output regulator solution targeted at supplying power to the microprocessor core (1.05V - 1.825V), AGTL+ communication bus (1.2V), 4X AGP video (1.5V), and the ICH/MCH chip set core (1.8V).

The ISL6524 provides the power control and protection for four output voltages in high-performance microprocessor and computer applications. The IC integrates one PWM controller and three linear controllers, as well as the monitoring and protection functions into a 28-pin SOIC package. The PWM controller regulates the microprocessor core voltage with a synchronous-rectified buck converter. One linear controller supplies the computer system's AGTL+ 1.2V bus power. The other two linear controllers regulate power for the 1.5V AGP bus and the 1.8V power for the chip set core voltage and/or cache memory circuits.

Key Features

  • Provides 4 Regulated Voltages - Microprocessor Core, AGTL+ Bus, AGP Bus Power, and North/South Bridge Core
  • Drives N-Channel MOSFETs
  • Linear Regulator Drives Compatible with both MOSFET and Bipolar Series Pass Transistors
  • Simple Single-Loop Control Design
  • Fast PWM Converter Transient Response
  • Excellent Output Voltage Regulation
  • VRM8.5 TTL-Compatible 5-Bit DAC Microprocessor Core Output Voltage Selection
  • Power-Good Output Voltage Monitors
  • Overcurrent Fault Monitor


  • Motherboard Power Regulation for Computers

ISL6524EVAL1 VRM8.5 PWM Controller Eval Board

ISL6524EVAL1 VRM8.5 PWM Controller Eval Board

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