Sync Separator with Horizontal Output Evaluation Board


The EL1883IS-EVAL eval board simplifies the evaluation of the EL1883, a sync separator for both standard and non-standard video signal. It provides composite sync, vertical sync, burst/back porch timing, and odd/even field detection.

An external resistor RSET that sets all internal timing. The demo board is built with a 681kΩ resistor for standard NTSC and PAL video signals. If the input video signal is very noisy, a low pass filter is required at pin 2. In this case, RF = 100 and CF = 570pF provide a 2.79MHz LPF. This sufficiently attenuates 3.58MHz or 4.43MHz color burst and passes the approximately 15.7kHz sync signals without appreciable attenuation. If the input video signal is clear, then simply just short the RF and open CF on the board.

The PC board layout has been optimized for high-speed signals. Careful attention is given to the signal paths, power supply bypassing, and grounding. Small surface mount ceramic capacitors are placed as close as possible to the supply pins. To avoid noise problem, RSET and CSET need to be placed close to the device.


  • Fixed 70mV slicing of video input levels from 0.5VP-P to 2VP-P
  • Low 1.5mA supply current
  • Fully assembled and tested


  • Video amplifiers
  • PCMCIA applications
  • A/D drivers
  • Line drivers
  • Portable computers

EL1883IS-EVAL (EL1883CS package) Sync Separator Eval Board

EL1883IS-EVAL (EL1883CS package) Sync Separator
Evaluation Board

EL1883IS-EVAL (EL1883CN package) Sync Separator Eval Board

EL1883IS-EVAL (EL1883CN package) Sync Separator
Evaluation Board





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