Do not include the ASCII codes of the product name, the optional data, and so on to the machine language file that is read by MM, if this order is performed by a CD-R.

In the ROM programming confirmation forms and mask confirmation forms, please read "floppy disk" and "floppy disk must be 3.5-inch 2HD type and DOS/V format" as "CD-R".

We accept data on CD-R. Also, we have stopped accepting orders by EPROM.

Please submit mask files on CD-R.

For other methods of ROM transfer, please contact the sales office which supports your region.



Group Part No. Mark Specification Form Last Updated
M30240M5-XXXFP (PDF:65KB) - -
M30240M6-XXXFP (PDF:60KB) - -
M30245M8-XXXGP (PDF:20KB) PLQP0100KB-A(100P6Q-A) -
M30245MC-XXXGP (PDF:22KB) PLQP0100KB-A(100P6Q-A) -
M30201M4-XXXFP (PDF:36KB) PRQP0056JA-A(56P6S-A) -
M30201M6-XXXFP (PDF:42KB) PRQP0056JA-A(56P6S-A) -
M30201M4T-XXXFP (PDF:42KB) PRQP0056JA-A(56P6S-A) -
M30201M6T-XXXFP (PDF:42KB) PRQP0056JA-A(56P6S-A) -