The F1956 is part of a family of Glitch-FreeTM DSAs which offers very high reliability due to its monolithic silicon die construction in a compact 5 x 5 mm 32-pin TQFN package.  It has very low insertion loss is with minimal distortion and is designed with a 50Ω input and output impedance. Additionally the device is designed to have high accurate which improves SNR and/or ACLR by ensuring the system gain is achieved as close to targeted as possible.


  • Serial and 7-bit Parallel Interface 
  • 31.75dB Range
  • 0.25dB steps
  • Glitch-Free™: < 2dB transient ringing
  • 500ns settling time
  • Ultra linear +64dBm IP3
  • Low Insertion Loss < 1.3dB at 4GHz
  • Attenuation error < 0.6dB at 4GHz
  • 3.3V or 5V Supply
  • 1.8V or 3.3V control logic
  • -40°C to +105°C operating temperature
  • 5 x 5 mm, 32-pin TQFN package


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star F1956 Datasheet 数据手册 PDF 6.75 MB
RF Product Selection Guide 指南 PDF 1015 KB
AN-896 RF Products EVS Digital Control Software Guide 应用文档 PDF 3.17 MB
PCN# : A1402-04 Add Alternate Assembly & Test 产品变更通告 PDF 45 KB
Digital Step Attenuators 产品简述 PDF 1.07 MB


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RF Digital Control Software Installer 软件和工具 - 软件 ZIP 169.81 MB


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F1956EVBI Evaluation Board for F1956 7-bit Digital Step Attenuator 评估 Renesas