Renesas Electronics had earlier launched the SH7260 Series of microcontrollers, built around the SH2A-FPU 32-bit CPU core with superb realtime processing capability, as a solution for the digital audio field. The SH7266 and SH7267 belong to the SH7260 Series of microcontrollers, and the maximum operating frequency of 144 MHz enables faster operation in applications such as equipment control or digital audio signal processing. This combination of excellent signal processing performance and ROM code efficiency means that compression and decompression of audio data in formats required by digital audio applications, such as MP3, WMA, or AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), is performed more quickly and program sizes are reduced. Thanks to the newly added large-capacity SRAM, not only processing tasks related to equipment control and digital audio, but also video display capabilities can be implemented on a single chip. An ample 1.5 Mbyte of on-chip SRAM is provided for video display use. It can be configured as a frame buffer to store video data temporarily, which is necessary when implementing graphical display capabilities. The generous SRAM capacity means that it is possible to use a TFT LCD panel display up to VGA size (640 × 480 pixels) without the need for external SDRAM as video memory.


The SH7266 and SH7267 provide a new video display controller and digital video input pins for use with graphical and video display applications. Digital RGB output pins allow output of images or video in RGB565 format at up to VGA size (640 × 480 pixels).


This reduces the total number of devices required and helps lower both the cost and the power consumption of the system.


Main Solutions

Key Features:

  • Operating frequency
    • 144 MHz
  • Cache
    • 16 Kbytes (divided between instruction (8 KB) and data (8 KB), 4-way set associative)
  • Debugging
    • H-UDI, AUD-Ⅱ
  • Packages
    • SH7266: 144-pin QFP (20 mm x 20 mm) (0.5 mm pitch)
    • SH7267: 176-pin QFP (24 mm x 24 mm) (0.5 mm pitch)
  • Other features
    • Achieve systems without external RAM thanks to 1.5 Mbytes of large-capacity on-chip SRAM
    • Perform image processing using display controller with video input functionality
    • Connect NAND flash memory, serial flash memory, etc. and boot from them


Pin Count / Memory Size Lineup:

Program Flash

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Resources for Software and Hardware

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e-learning Information for studying and learning about microcontrollers and microprocessors.
FAQ Frequently asked questions and useful hints for development.
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Hardware Design Support

Title Description
IBIS/BSDL IBIS standard simulation data is required for high-speed board design and can be used to run simulations to examine and troubleshoot issues such as waveform reflection, ringing, and so on, before producing the actual board.
BSDL is a data input format supported by most IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG)-compliant tools. The automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) and automatic test equipment functions of these tools facilitate testing.

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