We offer a complete line of high quality software, high spec easy-to-use development tools, and various boards and kits for development environment for RL78 Family.

This fully designed development environment helps you develop your system more effectively and efficiently; reduces your development time and cost yet improves the quality of system. Furthermore, we offer our partner products and they will also enable you to have development environment best fit to your needs.

Development Environment for RL78 Family


Our development tools for the automatic generation of code for timers and serial interfaces will help you to jump-start development.

We also offer a real-time OS and various middleware. The major items range from general-purpose middleware for flash-self-programming, encryption, and audio playback, to more specialized middleware such as a protocol stack to support Bluetooth® low energy on the RL78/G1D and a communications stack to support sub-GHz communications for the RL78/G1H. The middleware will help you to concentrate on developing your application.

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Development Tool

Renesas offers two types of integrated development environment, e² studio and CS+. They help you easily operate all the basic functions from coding through building and debugging, contributing to shortening your development term. See the features listed below.

Main features of IDEs

e² studio and CS+ e² studio CS+
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Powerful editor function
  • High spec compiler
  • Code generating function by GUI
  • Usable static code analysis
  • QE tool for the particular applications
  • Import and Export function of projects
  • IDE based on the open source Eclipse
  • Many extended plug-in functions
  • Renesas Smart Utilities
    • Smart Manual
    • Smart Browser
    • Assistant for Optimization
    • Current consumption measurement
  • Renesas originally designed IDE
  • Smart Functions
    • Smart Manual
    • Smart Browser
    • Smart Reports
    • Comparing tool for optimization
    • Current consumption measurement

Smart functions, such as the Smart Manual and Smart Browser to assist you in various reference and similar processes, and tools, including Quick and Effective tool solutions (QE tools) to support debugging in the development of solutions for motor control, Bluetooth® low energy, USB and other fields, provide strong support in system development.

We provide an RL78 Web Simulator to assist in the early evaluation of development free of charge. This is also suitable for estimating consumption current by battery-powered equipment in which an RL78 MCU is used.

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Boards & Kits

We recommend Renesas Starter Kits as affordable development tool kits for evaluating RL78 Family MCUs, CPU boards as a quick and easy way to try out the operation of RL78 Family MCUs, and evaluation boards for specialized fields.

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