RL78/G12 microcontrollers balance the industry's lowest level of consumption current (CPU: 63 μA/MHz, standby (STOP): 230 nA) and a high performance of32.4 DMIPS (24 MHz). They have an on-chip oscillator, data flash, A/D converter, and more. Built-in safety features (function that detects illegal operation of hardware) enable support for the household appliance safety standard (IEC/UL 60730). With a 20 to 30-pin compact package lineup, these microcontrollers are perfect for sub-microcontrollers of small appliances and consumer and industrial equipment.


  • CPU: RL78 core, Max. 24MHz
  • Voltage: 1.8V to 5.5V
  • Package: 24-pin HWQFN, 20 to 30-pin LSSOP
  • Memory: SRAM Max. 2KB, Program Flash Max. 16KB
  • Timer: 16-bit Timer (ch) x 8, 8-bit Timer (ch) x 4, Watchdog Timer (ch) x 1, 12-bit Interval Timer x 1 ch
  • PWM: PWM Output x 7
  • Analog function: 10-bit A/D Converter (ch) x 8
  • On-chip Oscillator Freq. (MHz): High-Speed: 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24MHz
    Low-speed: 15kHz
  • Others: Power-On Reset, Low Voltage Detection


  • Office
  • Home Appliance
  • Healthcare
  • Security


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RL78/G12 Datasheet 数据手册 PDF 1009 KB
RL78/G12 User's Manual: Hardware 日本語 手册 PDF 5.33 MB
RL78/G11 Promotion Board User's Manual 手册 PDF 1.84 MB
RL78/G11 Promotion Board - Quick Start Guide 快速入门指南 PDF 816 KB
RL78软件迁移指南 从CA78K0R转至CC-RL(CS+) 手册 PDF 4.82 MB
RL78族 集成开发环境 从CA78K0R转至CCRL的使用指南(编译器选项、汇编器选项篇) 手册 PDF 320 KB
RL78族 集成开发环境 从CA78K0R转至CCRL的使用指南(编码篇) 手册 PDF 399 KB
RL78族 集成开发环境 从CA78K0R转至CCRL的使用指南(工程操作篇) 手册 PDF 647 KB
RL78族 集成开发环境 从CA78K0R转至CCRL的使用指南(链接选项篇) 手册 PDF 292 KB
RL78 Software Migration Guide CS+ to e2 studio Migration (CC-RL) 日本語 指南 PDF 3.23 MB
RL78 family User's Manual: Software 日本語 手册 PDF 1.45 MB
Technical Updates
Restriction regarding Watchdog timer interrupt