These oscillator circuit parameters provided in the table below are only reference values. Renesas Electronics Corporation ("Renesas") disclaims any warranties regarding the values including but not limited to its accuracy, fitness for a particular purpose, customer's systems or products.
The oscillator circuit parameters are the result of tests carried out by the oscillator manufacturer under fixed operating conditions. Peripheral environment effects on the customer's systems or products such as noise, high frequency, wiring pattern, power source characteristics, etc., were not taken into account at the time of testing. Values may therefore differ for actual systems.
Please confirm the optimal oscillation circuit parameters applicable to your systems or products with the oscillator manufacturer in advance.
In addition, the following conditions are for oscillating the oscillator which is connected to the MCU, and do not show MCU operating conditions. Please refer to the latest documents for MCU operating conditions.


R5F21356MNFP: R8C/35M Group

These reference oscillation circuit parameters are also applicable to the following product groups.

  • R8C/32M, R8C/33M, R8C/34M, R8C/3GM, R8C/3JM Groups


Supply Voltage Range [V]: 1.8 to 5.5

Part Number Rf
[k ohms]
Remarks File
32.768 kHz SSP-T7_12.5pF OPEN 330 18 22 405 KByte