PLC (power line communication) is a communication method that uses a power line as the communication medium. A system can be built economically and quickly by using an electric supply network as a communication network. For this reason, PLC is attracting increasing interest as a communication technology for smart grids, smart meters (AMI), HEMS, BEMS, and PV panel monitoring.

Family Lineup

M16C/60 (PLC)

The M16C/60 offers M16C Family standard products. A 64-pin package product group with maximum operating frequency 15.36 MHz (when using PLL synthesizer) is available as a PLC MCU.

Product Groups

Group Flash (KB) RAM (KB) Pin Voltage (V) Max Freq (MHz)
M16C/6S 64-96 24 64 - 15.36
M16C/6S1 128-256 20-31 100 - 30.72