1.1G-BIT Low Latency DRAM-III Common I/O Burst Length of 4

Low Latency DRAM is our newest large-density memory boasting high performance. Incorporating high-performance technology used in our synchronous SRAM and the pseudo-SRAM technology used in mobile-specified RAM, Low Latency DRAM is ideal for use in various networking applications. With a Fast random access time-and data latency lower than other DRAM products-Low Latency DRAM realizes extremely high performance compared to commodity DRAM. Those features, combined with large density and lower cost per bit compared to SRAM solutions make Low Latency DRAM an attractive choice for use in next-generation, high-performance networking products.

Product Status: Mass Production


The RMHE41A184AGBG is a 67,108,864-word by 18-bit and the RMHE41A364AGBG is a 33,554,432-word by 36-bit synchronous double data rate Low Latency RAM fabricated with advanced CMOS technology using DRAM memory cell.
The Low Latency DRAM-III chip is a 1.1Gb DRAM capable of a sustained throughput of approximately 57.6 Gbps for burst length of 4 (approximately 51.2 Gbps for applications implementing error correction), excluding refresh overhead and data bus turn-around With a bus speed of 800 MHz, a burst length of 4, and a tRC of 13.75 ns, the Low Latency DRAM-III chip is capable of achieving this rate when accesses to at least 6 banks of memory are overlapped.
These products are packaged in 180-pin FCBGA.


    • 2 cycle 800MHz DDR Muxed Address
    • Optional data bus inversion to reduce SSO, SSN, maximum I/O current, and average I/O power
    • Training sequence for per-bit deskew
    • Selectable Refresh Mode: Auto or Overlapped Refresh
    • Programmable PVT-compensated output impedance
    • Programmable PVT-compensated on-die input termination
    • PLL for improved input jitter tolerance and wide output data valid window


Basic Information
供电电压 (V)
密度 (MB)
Low Latency DRAM-III
Common I/O
突发长度 (字)
数据宽度 (位)
最大频率 (MHz)
最小频率 (MHz)
tRC (ns)
工作温度 (degC)
Tc=-0 to 95
I/O电压 (V)
Mass Production

You can find an explanation of orderable part numbers here.

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