The recent demands for highly secure and reliable user systems are driving increased demand for highly reliable SRAM, which is used to store important information such as system programs and financial transaction data. Renesas' Low Power SRAM (LPSRAM) products have a proven track record for application in middle- to small-scale memory systems and are designed to provide enhanced reliability and longer backup battery life for applications such as factory automation (FA), industrial equipment, and the smart grids.

Renesas' Advanced Low Power SRAMs, the core products series, have acquired a solid reputation for achieving both high-performance and high-reliability without any technical trade-off. These advanced LPSRAM devices feature exclusive technology in their memory cells that achieves soft error resistance over 500 times that of conventional Full CMOS memory cells. This makes them desirable for use in fields requiring high reliability.


  • High Reliability
    • Excellent soft error immunity without embedded ECC
    • Latch-up free memory cell structure
  • Stable Supply and Long-Term Support
    • Covered by the Product Longevity Program (PLP)
  • Wide Line-Up to Support all Applications
    • Memory density: Lineup from 256Kb to 64Mb
    • Supply voltage: 3V/5V (continued support of 5V parts)
    • Package: Varied package lineup


  • Industrial
    • Factory automation, computerized numerical control, programable logic controllers, vending machines, ticket gates, automated teller machines
  • Communication
    • Routers, switches, basestations, etc.
  • Social Infrastructure
    • Elevator systems, transportation systems, railway systems, traffic signal systems, smart grid devices, etc.
  • Office Automation
    • Multi-function printers, etc.
  • Consumer
    • Gaming machines, musical instruments, calculators, etc.
  • Car Accessories (Non-Driveline Devices)
    • Electronic throttle control (ETC), digital tachometers, etc.
  • Medical/Healthcare
    • Medical electronic devices


产品 描述 数据手册
RMLV0414E 4Mb 3V 带单片选(CS#)的高级 LPSRAM pdf_icon_for_table.png
RMLV0416E 4Mb 3V 带双片选 (CS1#, CS2)的高级 LPSRAM pdf_icon_for_table.png
RMLV1616A 16Mb 3V 高级 LPSRAM pdf_icon_for_table.png
RMLV3216A 32Mb 3V 高级 LPSRAM pdf_icon_for_table.png
RMWV6416A 64Mb 3V 高级 LPSRAM pdf_icon_for_table.png


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