IP Solutions Support Custom Development for Subsystems and Peripheral IP Modules in Systems Ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Autonomous Driving

Renesas has incorporated a broad range of IP into its microcontrollers (MCUs) and system on chip (SoC) products spans, including central processing unit (CPU) IP, communication interface IP, timer IP, memory IP, and analog IP.

Renesas is offering customers access to the most highly sought assets from its IP portfolio.

The first batch of offerings will consist of over 40 or more categories IP licenses, including CPU core (RX cores, SH cores, etc.), timer IP for motor applications, USB cores, and SRAM. More licenses will be offered moving forward in response to demand.

* IP : Intellectual Property

Merits / Advantages

1. Abundant IP Solution can be provided.
  • This includes standalone CPU and peripheral IP modules, as well as subsystems such as bus controllers or interrupt controllers that connect to IP modules.
2. High reliability and quality
  • It can be realized because it is a semiconductor vendor Renesas has done from design to manufacturing
3. Technical support
  • Renesas also offers technical support grounded in its unmatched expertise as a semiconductor maker.

Advantages for development style for customers

Users wanting to develop custom LSIs.

The latest semiconductor development can be realized at an early stage by developing only competitive IP and utilizing the Renesas subsystem for other IP

Users who want to develop them using FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)

  • By using Renesas' IP, early development and preliminary evaluation of software is possible.
  • It is also possible to start mass production as it is using FPGAs that are further downgraded

Users who wish to keep using their past software assets

Since Renesas IP can be used continuously, it is possible to reduce man-hours for development, verification, and evaluation of software and boards