Cars have come to be called "drivable computers." Countless LAN-connected MCUs acquire data from actuators and sensors, and perform optimal processing to create earth-friendly cars. Advanced navigation systems not only make driving more pleasant; they also provide safety with danger avoidance systems using video recognition. We support continually evolving car electronics with the latest technologies and reliability.

R-Car Product Roadmap

R-Car H2R-Car M2 R-Car E2 R-Car D1 R-Car V2H R-Car H3 R-Car V3M R-Car V3H R-Car M3 R-Car E3 R-Car D3


Product Lineup

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R-Car H3

As an automotive computing platform for the autonomous-driving era, the R-Car H3 provides cognitive computing capabilities and an enhanced computing performance that can process large volumes of information from vehicle sensors accurately in real-time, making it ideal for driving safety support systems. The R-Car H3 enables system manufacturers to run applications that require complex processing, such as obstacle detection, driver status recognition, hazard prediction, and hazard avoidance. To further accelerate the driving safety support systems, the R-Car H3 also conforms to the ISO 26262 (ASIL-B) functionality safety for automotive.


R-Car M3

The R-Car M3 optimizes the functions and performance of its predecessor the R-Car H3. The R-Car M3 can be used in a wide range of applications. It is ideal for medium-class automotive computing systems.


R-Car E3

The R-Car E3 is suitable solution for full graphics cluster system with large TFT panel. And it can realize integrated system of instrument cluster and display audio system.


R-Car D3

The R-Car D3 has developed for full graphics cluster system. It performs high graphics rendering and realizes low system solution.


R-Car V3M

The R-Car V3M is an SoC that is primarily aimed at front camera applications, but also surround view systems or even lidars, and that enables NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) features. It offers a highly-efficient image recognition engine,supports functional safety, and a high level of integration for reduced cost.


R-Car V3H

The R-Car V3H is optimized for stereo front camera applications. The architecture focuses on achieving high perfomance for computer vision processing and enables all relevant ADAS functions from NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) to fully automated driving.


R-Car H2

Achieving the industry's highest performance of over 25,000 DMIPS (double that of the R-Car H1) using nine CPUs, and possessing a high-performance graphics core with the latest PowerVR architecture, an image recognition engine, and three high-definition video outputs, the R-Car H2 is the first of the second-generation R-Car products, a product series that will contribute to innovation in information services for high-end cars.


R-Car M2

R-Car M2 system-on-chip (SoC) for mid-range car information systems. Optimized functions and software compatibility in product family. Ecosystem that includes partner solutions helps speed up development of prototypes and greatly reduces development costs.


R-Car E2

The R-Car E2 is the second-generation R-Car product with performance and functions optimized for display audio and entry-level integrated cockpit systems. The R-Car E2 employs the same architecture as upper-level products, scalability allows better reuse of existing software resources, and an ecosystem which includes partner solutions enables designers to respond flexibly to new technologies, contributing to more efficient system development.


R-Car H1

The R-Car H1 is an SoC (system-on-chip) for premium class devices that integrates a quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A9 processor with the maximum frequency of 1 GHz, a high-performance graphics processor, high-performance video processing IPs supporting dual full HD, a dedicated audio processing DSP, and a variety of many other peripheral functions.


R-Car M1A

The R-Car M1A, the first-phase product of the R-CarM Series, is an SoC (System on Chip) integrating a Arm® Cortex®-A9 and a SH-4A CPU core, which has even more on-chip enhanced graphics functions and a high-perfomance video processing IP supporting up to full 1080 HD video.


R-Car M1S

The R-Car M1S, the first-phase product of the R-CarM Series, is an SoC (System on Chip) integrating a SH-4A CPU core, which has even more on-chip enhanced graphics functions and a high-perfomance video processing IP supporting up to full 1080 HD video.


R-Car E1

The R-Car E1 is an SoC suitable for entry-level navigation systems or display audio systems. It is built around an Arm® Cortex®-A9 processor with a maximum operating frequency of 533MHz and integrates an array of peripheral functions, including high-performance graphics, high-performance video processing IP with multi-codec support for H.264/MPEG4/VC-1, and a distortion compensation module.


R-Car D1

The R-Car D1 is the first R-Car SoC specialized for 3D graphics clusters. It has 3D display, rapid startup, and support for functional safety, security, and various communication and network types, which are required by 3D instrument cluster systems. In addition, 2D graphics assets from the RH850/D1x can be applied.


R-Car V2H

The R-Car V2H is the first R-Car device for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). It integrates functions necessary for surround monitoring systems in a single low-power chip, uses image recognition functions in each camera to prevent driver oversight in a wide range and switches point-of-view accordingly. The R-Car V2H enables embedded system manufacturers to deliver smarter, high-visibility, high-resolution systems.


SH-Navi3 (SH7776)

The SH-Navi III is a dual-core system-on-chip (SoC) device that integrates 2 SH-4A cores, achieves excellent processing performance of up to 1,920 MIPS, and has even more on-chip enhanced graphics functions and a high-performance image recognition processing function compared to earlier Renesas products.


SH-Navi J3 (SH7777)

The SH-Navi J3, the third-phase product of the SH-NaviJ Series, is an SoC (System on Chip) integrating a rich variety of high-performance on-chip peripheral functions for multimedia applications, including a graphics processor with 2-D and 3-D drawing functions compatible with the industry-standard OpenGL ES, an H.264/MPEG-4 AVC multi-codec high-perfomance video processing IP, and a 24-bit audio DSP for processing audio formats such as AAC, MP3, and WMA.



The SH7769 SoC enhances such functions as video input, display output and high-reliability systems compared to Renesas' existing SH-Navi3 (SH7776) SoC, which has been widely adopted for high-end automotive infotainment systems.



The SH7766 is an image recognition SoC equipped with an SH-4A core, a distortion compensation engine, graphics and image recognition engines, and other hardware engines necessary for surround detection systems.



The SH7786 is a dual-core processor built around a pair of SH-4A CPUs for superior processing performance of up to 1920MIPS (when operating at 533MHz).



The SH7761 is an SH-4A core microprocessor for telematics and handsfree devices. It has improved sophisticated voice recognition, high-speed communication with mobile devices, and connectivity with portable music players and other entertainment devices.

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