The ISL70002SEH is a radiation hardened and SEE hardened 12A synchronous buck regulator IC with integrated MOSFETs intended for space applications. The ISL70002SEHEVAL1Z evaluation board is designed to evaluate the features of the ISL70002SEH, while the ISL70002SEHEVAL2Z evaluation board evaluates the performance of the ISL70002SEH in a dual regulator current sharing configuration.


  • Integrated potentiometer for selecting a wide range of output voltages
  • 100Ω AC injection resistor and test point to easily measure loop stability
  • Scope jack connections for optimal capture of LX node and VOUT
  • On-board enable switch and power-good LED indicator

ISL70002SEHEVAL1Z Additional Features

  • Parallel 1µH inductors to easily reconfigure for 500kHz operating frequency
  • Jumper selectable options: switching frequency, UVLO level, slope compensation

ISL70002SEHEVAL2Z Additional Features

  • Dual regulator current sharing solution
  • Dual-sided PCB


  • FPGA, CPLD, DSP, CPU core, and I/O voltages
  • Low-voltage, high-density distributed power systems


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ISL70002SEHEVAL2Z User Guide 手册 PDF 1.87 MB
ISL70002SEHEVAL1Z User Guide 手册 PDF 1.42 MB
ISL70002SEHEVAL2Z Design Files Design File ZIP 1.09 MB
ISL70002SEHEVAL1Z Design Files Design File ZIP 338 KB
ISL70002SEH Total Dose Test Report 报告 PDF 519 KB
ISL70002SEH SEE Test Report 报告 PDF 1.88 MB
ISL70002SEH Neutron Test Report 报告 PDF 459 KB