The ZSPM8010-KIT single-phase open-loop evaluation board is a design platform providing the minimum circuitry needed to characterize critical performance of the ZSPM9010 DrMOS driver plus MOSFET multi-chip module. The board has been designed as an open-loop control with only common passive components in a synchronous buck converter without a PWM controller. The board can also be used to evaluate the features of the ZSPM9010 in a closed loop configuration when combined with the ZSPM1000 digital single-phase PWM controller.

The evaluation board is a high density, high-efficiency design, with a 1 MHz operating frequency and peak efficiency of over 92% with a 1.0V Vout condition. This board also demonstrates the ease of layout for printed circuit board artwork. Since the ZSPM9010 pin map is industry standard, it is easy to compare its performance to other DrMOS devices without changing other components.


  • ZSPM8010-KIT Open-Loop Evaluation Board with one ZSPM9010 sample mounted.


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Not Recommended for New Designs


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star ZSPM8010-KIT User Guide 手册 - 开发工具 PDF 943 KB
ZSPM1000-ZSPM2000 Pink Power Designer User Manual 手册 - 开发工具 PDF 1.33 MB
应用指南 & 白皮书
ZSPM1000 Application Note - Programming and Calibration 应用文档 PDF 262 KB
Schematic for ZSPM8xxx Evaluation Board for ZSPM1000 Rev. D 原理图 PDF 100 KB


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ZSPM1000 Pink Power™ Designer GUI - Part 1 Rev. 1.1.0 (zip file) Software & Tools - Other ZIP 167.36 MB
ZSPM1000 Pink Power™ Designer GUI - Part 2 Rev. 1.1.0 (zip file) Software & Tools - Other ZIP 17.03 MB