The PS2561D-1 is an optically coupled isolator containing a GaAs light emitting diode and an NPN silicon phototransistor. The PS2561D-1 is in a plastic DIP (Dual In-line Package) and the PS2561DL-1 is lead bending type (Gull-wing) for surface mount. The PS2561DL1-1 is lead bending type for long creepage distance. The PS2561DL2-1 is lead bending type for long creepage distance (Gull-wing) for surface mount.


  • Operating ambient temperature: 110°C
  • High Isolation voltage (BV = 5 000 Vr.m.s.)
  • High collector to emitter voltage (VCEO = 80 V)
  • High current transfer ratio (CTR = 160% TYP.)
  • High-speed switching (tr = 3 μs TYP., tf == 5 μs TYP.)
  • Ordering number of taping product: PS2561DL-1-F3 : 2 000 pcs/reel PS2561DL2-1-E3: 1 000 pcs/reel
  • Pb-Free product
  • Safety standards UL approved: No. E72422 CSA approved: No. CA 101391 (CA5A, CAN/CSA-C22.2 60065, 60950) BSI approved: No. 7112/7420 SEMKO approved: No. 903238 NEMKO approved: No. P09210868 DEMKO approved: No. 314999 FIMKO approved: No. FI 25119 DIN EN60747-5-2 (VDE0884 Part2) approved: No. 40008862 (Option)


製品名 Part Status Carrier Type PLP 購入/サンプル
Active 2024 7月
Active 2024 7月


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star PS2561D-1, PS2561DL-1,PS2561DL1-1, PS2561DL2-1 データシート English データシート PDF 5.20 MB
PS2561D-1,PS2561DL-1,PS2561DL1-1,PS2561DL2-1 DS (PN10777JJ02V0DS) English データシート PDF 792 KB
マルチチャネル形フォトカプラ PS2500ファミリの特性について English アプリケーションノート PDF 1.18 MB
Photocouplers Applications Note アプリケーションノート PDF 957 KB
アナログIC & ディスクリート カタログ English カタログ PDF 6.48 MB
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