Highly efficient solutions that help accelerate system development are available. Renesas offers optimal solutions for air cleaners, fans, vacuum cleaners, power tools, and LED lighting. See Renesas' recommended devices and solutions from the links below.

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Air Cleaner (humidifying functions)

Air cleaners or air purifiers remove dust, pollen, and other fine particles that are floating in the air, and eliminate odors due to pets, cigarettes, or cooking. The use of air cleaners is spreading widely due to increasing interest in countering hay fever, and health concerns. Furthermore, due to trends in novel influenza, air cleaners equipped with functions that can disinfect influenza viruses and bacteria have become popular.

Electric Fan

Electric fans continue to sell at a steady pace, despite the widespread use of air conditioners. Recently, models have begun to appear on the market with features such as a variety of blade shapes, silent operation, and better air efficiency. Electric fans are also increasingly being used as a circulator in concert with air conditioners to save electricity through better cooling efficiency.

Electric Screwdriver

Electric screwdrivers are becoming more compact and portable cordless battery-charged models are becoming mainstream. Brushless DC (direct current) motors are increasingly being used to meet these demands. Since a brushless DC motor does not have to worry about brush wear, the motor can have a longer lifespan and is capable of highly precise rotation control. Moreover, brushless DC motors are also highly efficient and economical.

LED Lighting

LED lighting applications are moving towards high intelligence with specialised communications. Renesas provides a range of dedicated lighting microcontrollers (ASSPs) and driver ICs together with easy to use development tools to support the high intelligence trend by high integration and low cost.

Vacuum Cleaner

In recent years an expanded variety of vacuum cleaner products have become available, including cyclone types that maintain a high level of suction power and "robot" models that move about the room on their own power. Today there are also eco-friendly units that detect dirt on the floor and control suction power automatically, as well as models with functions that clean the output airstream in response to health concerns.

Related Technologies

 Motor Control

Renesas offers a broad range of devices, software, and tools, including a kit that can be used as a reference design — all specifically designed for motor control applications.

 Capacitive Touch

Renesas advanced capacitive touch solutions offer sophisticated operational performance with tolerance to water, dirt and temperature variations.

 Functional Safety

Renesas is committed to providing functional safety solutions for automotive, industrial automation, home appliance, and robotics applications.


Renesas enables embedded artificial intelligence (eAI) with advanced technologies to help systems become smarter and provide a better user experience.

 LCD Display

LCD Displays have been replacing standard 7-segment displays in embedded systems at tremendous pace.