Home Appliance Solutions

Renesas offers technologies such as motor control, HMI, and functional safety for applications for white goods, cooking appliances, and small home appliances, to help you accelerate your product development. In addition, we support the realization of smarter products by offering sensing, network security, recognition, and advanced e-AI technologies. Renesas will continue to provide you with the latest solutions.

Related Technologies

 Motor Control

Renesas offers a broad range of devices, software, and tools, including a kit that can be used as a reference design — all specifically designed for motor control applications.

 Capacitive Touch

Renesas advanced capacitive touch solutions offer sophisticated operational performance with tolerance to water, dirt and temperature variations.

 Functional Safety

Renesas is committed to providing functional safety solutions for automotive, industrial automation, home appliance, and robotics applications.


Renesas enables embedded artificial intelligence (eAI) with advanced technologies to help systems become smarter and provide a better user experience.

 LCD Display

LCD Displays have been replacing standard 7-segment displays in embedded systems at tremendous pace.

 Voice Recognition Solution

The voice recognition is used as a human machine interface which has been adopted in lots of products like robot and smart speaker. The voice recognition is developed from the needs to adopt more convenient functions while keeping costs as low as possible in consumer equipment and industrial equipment. And the voice recognition function is becoming an important additional feature because it is possible to help visually impaired and elderly persons by using the voice recognition function.

 Environmental Sensor Solution

The sensor application is a technology applied to various products including electric appliances, a technology which is essential for product performance and intelligence. Renesas has a lineup of microcomputers that are most suitable for achieving flexible product configurations, and has prepared those solutions.