ISL8216M 80V, 4A DC/DC Power Module Webinar

The ISL8216M is a simple and easy to use, high voltage DC/DC module and is ideal for a wide variety of applications. It eliminates design and manufacturing risks while dramatically improving time to market.


ISL8216M: 80V, 4A DC/DC Power Module

This is Intersil’s first high voltage power module.

ISL8216MIRZ – 80V Input Module

The ISL8216M module is targeted for the 10V to 80V input voltage range. The module delivers 4A of output current; the output voltage is adjustable with a single resistor from 2.5V to 30V.

The ISL8216M requires minimal design effort, all you need is a single ISL8216M module, input and output capacitors, and a single resistor to program the output voltage. The ISL8216M is packaged in a thermally enhanced, compact (15mm × 15mm × 3.6mm) over‐molded high‐density array (HDA) package, which permits full load operation without heat sink or fans.

Other features include: programmable switching frequency from 200kHz to 600kHz, the default switching frequency is set to 300kHz. The ISL8216M has an internally set fixed frequency of 300kHz. By adding an external resistor, RT, between VIN and RTCT pin and capacitor, CT, between RTCT pin and SGND, the ISL8216M can provide adjustable frequency from 200kHz to 600kHz. The ISL8216M may be configured to synchronize with an external clock.

Programmable soft‐start and overcurrent protection is also provided. The overcurrent protection function protects the module from overcurrent conditions by monitoring the current flowing through the MOSFET. OCP is implemented via a resistor (ROCSET) and a capacitor (COCSET) connected between the OCSET pin and the drain of the MOSFET. An internal 104μA current source develops a voltage across ROCSET which is then compared with the drain to source voltage developed across the MOSFET measured with regard to the PHASE node. When the drain‐to‐source voltage across the MOSFET exceeds the voltage drop across the resistor, an OCP event occurs.

The ISL8216M module provides OV/UV and over-temperature protection. If the ISL8216M’s junction temperature reaches a nominal temperature of +150 °C, the module will be disabled. The ISL8216M will not be re‐enabled until the junction temperature drops below 110°C.

ISL8216M Features and Benefits

Key Benefits are:

  1. Ease of use – The ISL8216M is a fully integrated module which requires minimal design effort
  2. Versatile – The ISL8216M can be used for a wide range of input voltage/output voltage conditions
  3. Power density – Delivers 4A output current in a small 15mm x 15mm footprint
  4. Rugged – A 100V absolute maximum rating and QFN packaging technology offers high reliability and operation without fans or heat sinks, and can be handled by automatic pick and place equipment

ISL8216M – Evaluation Kit

The ISL8216M evaluation kit is available to help speed up evaluation and design‐in. The evaluation kit is rated for an input voltage range of 10V to 80V. The output voltage is adjustable with jumper settings. The output voltage can be set to 5V, 12V, 20V, 24V, or 30V with jumper settings. Any other output voltages within the range from 2.5V to 30V can be set with a single resistor. The ISL8216M has an internal 1.192V ±1% reference voltage. Programming the output voltage requires a resistor, (RFB) between FB and SGND.

The evaluation board size is 76.2mm x 76.2mm (3 inches x 3 inches). The board has four layers, with 2oz of copper on the top and the bottom layers, and 1oz of copper on the two internal layers. The board can be used as 4A reference design.

Target Applications

The ISL8216M offers the flexibility and the feature‐set of a discrete high voltage point‐ of‐load design and is ideal for a range of applications and input voltages. It is an easy‐to‐use, all‐in‐one solution for high voltage inputs (up to 80V) to output voltage rails (30V and below) non isolated conversion.

The ISL8216M can be used 24V, 48V supply systems and 12/24/48V systems. The ISL8216M will be targeted for infrastructure end‐equipment including telecom base stations, networking, and data‐communication systems with 12V or 48V input rail. The ISL8216M will also fit in industrial applications where the input voltage is 24V or 12V.

ISL8216M can serve a wide range of markets. The ISL8216M is targeted for +12V/+24V or +48V telecom and data communication systems. The ISL8216M can also be used for +12V/+24V industrial application and +12V server systems.

ISL8216M– 24V to 48VIN /5VOUT Solution

This circuit shows an application circuit for 24V to 48V input and 5V/4A output. The module can be enabled by an external signal by using an open‐drain device, or by adding an external circuit as shown.

ISL8216M– 24V to 80VIN /12VOUT Solution

This circuit shows a 24V to 80V input and 12V/4A output.

ISL8216M – 48V to 80VIN /24VOUT Solution

This circuit shows a 48V to 80V input and 24V/3A output.

ISL8216M – Efficiency Performance

The ISL8216M achieves peak efficiency over 95% for 24VIN to 12VOUT conversion. Efficiencies at other conversions are shown.

ISL8216M – Transient Performance (Vin = 24V, VOUT = 5V)

The ISL8216M employs voltage mode control and feed forward compensation to achieve optimal transient response over a wide input voltage range. Transient response for 1A to 4A step is shown with VIN=24V, VOUT=5V.

ISL8216M – Transient Performance (Vin = 48V, VOUT = 12V)

This figure shows transient response with 48V input and 12V output, the load step is 1A to 4A.

Rigorous Module Qualifications

ISL8216M is fully tested and meets rigorous qualification requirements.

ISL8216M Summary

The ISL8216M is Intersil’s first high voltage (80V input) power module. The ISL8216M complements Intersil’s existing rich portfolio of 12V input analog and digital power modules. The module provides an easy‐to‐use, all‐in‐one solution for high voltage (up to 80V) to system rail (12V and below) non isolated conversion. Target 24V, 48V supply systems and 12/24/48V systems.

The 15mm x 15 mm x 3.6 mm high‐density array package is easy to solder onto a printed circuit board. The package has excellent power dissipation capability with a thermal impedance of 13° C/W which permits operation at full load without the need for an external heat sink or fan.

The package is also suitable for automated assembly by standard surface mount equipment. The 3.6mm package height may allow the package to be mounted to the back side of PCB.

The ISL8216M can be easily sold with our existing +12V modules to offer customers a complete power solution from a 48V input backplane to lower voltage rails.