Renesas offers a wide portfolio of high-performance buck regulators with integrated FETs. A buck converter, also known as a step-down converter, is a DC/DC power converter that provides voltage step down and current step up. The converter reduces the voltage when the power source has a higher voltage than Vin. A buck converter generally provides the most efficient solution with the smallest external components.

Unsure if a low powered linear regulator or highly efficient switching regulator is a better option for your design? Learn more about Linear vs. Switching Regulators.


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AN1663: Designing a Buck Converter Application Note PDF 279 KB
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How to Improve DC/DC Converter Performance with Phase Shifting Time Delay White Paper PDF 531 KB
How to Reconfigure a Buck Converter for Multiple Outputs White Paper PDF 468 KB
How to Configure the Tracking and Power Sequencing of FPGAs White Paper PDF 526 KB
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