The ISL91134IIQ-EVZ evaluation board allows for quick evaluation of the ISL91134 integrated boost switching regulator for battery-powered applications.

The ISL91134 is an integrated boost with bypass switching regulator for battery powered applications. The device provides a power supply solution for products using one cell Li-ion or Li-polymer battery. The device is capable of delivering up to 1.8A output current from VIN = 3V and VOUT = 5V. The no-load quiescent current is only 108μA in boost mode and 45μA in forced bypass mode, which significantly reduces the standby consumption. The ISL91134 evaluation board allows quick evaluation of the high performance features of this regulator.


  • Jumper selectable EN (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Jumper selectable BYP (Auto/Forced)
  • Jumper selectable VSET (No offset/offset on VOUT)
  • Connectors, test points, and jumpers for easy probing


  • Smartphones and tablet PCs
  • Wireless communication devices
  • 2G/3G/4G RF power amplifiers
  • USB OTG power source


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ISL91134 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 687 KB
star ISL91134IIQ-EVZ Evaluation Board Manual Manual - Hardware PDF 699 KB


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ISL91134IIQ-EVZ Design Files PCB Design Files ZIP 81 KB