Renesas offers a dedicated single-package solution with an MCU and analog front end (AFE) for battery management systems that constantly monitors the battery state.

Safety Features

  • Built-in self-diagnostic functions for microcontroller and analog front-end (AFE)
  • Low power mode for safe storage

High Accuracy

  • High-precision delta-sigma A/D converter specialized for current, voltage, and temperature detection
  • Battery level calculation takes battery deterioration into account

Design Support and Tools

  • Starter Kits include evaluation board with reference design and sample firmware for fast prototyping.
  • Regional support: Please consult your Renesas sales representative or office.

Development Environment

Battery Management Controllers Block Diagram

Documentation & Downloads

Title language Type Format File Size Date
One page guide of RAJ240090/100 Starter Kit Flyer PDF 293 KB
[Flyer] One Page Guide RAJ240045 Starter Kit Flyer PDF 512 KB
[Flyer] One Page Guide RAJ240075 Starter Kit Flyer PDF 437 KB
[Flyer] One Page Guide RAJ240080 Starter Kit Flyer PDF 467 KB