Renesas offers a development environment to accelerate your system development. The RE Family is also supported by partner development environment and tools, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Development Tools

Supported development environments for the RE Family are the IAR C/C++ compiler-based IAR Embedded Workbench® for Arm, which realizes high performance and energy efficiency, and e2 studio*2, for which a free GNU compiler is available.
As for emulators, IAR Systems, SEGGER, and Renesas emulators are supported, so you can select the development environment that best meets your needs.

  IAR Systems*1 Renesas*1
Integrated IAR Embedded Workbench🄬 Arm*3 e2studio*4
Compiler IAR C/C++ Compiler for Arm GNU C/C++ Compiler
Emulator SEGGER J-Link / J-Link OB
SEGGER J-Link / J-Link OB
Renesas E2 / E2 lite

    *1. Download or purchase IAR Systems/SEGGER from their respective manufacturers.
    *2. A Renesas integrated development environment based on Eclipse.
    *3. Please download V8.32.1 or later.
    *4. Please download V7.6.0 or later. Notes on operation.

Flash Programmers

Renesas programmers and third-party programmers are supported.

  Renesas SEGGER
Writer PG-FP6 Renesas Flash Programmer J-Flash Flasher
Communication UART UART, USB SWD SWD


The RE Family offers Arm® CMSIS-compliant API driver software and Renesas driver software. Sample code using driver software is available.

RE Family Software

Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kit RE01 1500KB

This evaluation kit supports the development of semi-permanent battery maintenance-free IoT devices by combining energy harvesting with the RE01 and the user system. You can start evaluating immediately out of the box because a solar panel is included.

Evaluation Kit RE01 1500KB