Renesas offers a wide portfolio of analog products from operational amplifiers to data converters to audio and video ICs. Renesas operational amplifiers (op amps) are among the industry's highest-performance, highest-value amplifier ICs on the market. Our data converter portfolio features precision SAR and delta-sigma A/D converters, high-speed A/D converters with 8 to 16-bit resolutions and 40MSPS to 500MSPS sample rates, a wide selection of low-to-high resolution digital potentiometers (DCPs). Renesas also offers AV building blocks, high-quality audio, and highly integrated innovative solutions.

Analog Products



Industry's highest-performance, highest-value amplifier ICs on the market

Audio & Video

Industry-leading video solutions for automotive, security & more

Data Converters

Precision A/D and D/A converters, digital potentiometers, and precision voltage references

Power Line Communications (PLC)

High-performance and flexible power line communication devices

Switches & Multiplexers

Products including 40V operation down to low voltage USB switching


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Videos & Training

Understanding Noise in the Signal Chain Webinar