One of the most popular home automation solutions, the vacuum robot, is a rapidly growing consumer appliance. With the ability to autonomously clean residential or small commercial spaces, it provides a useful addition to a smart connected home. This design allows the flexibility and scalability to integrate many control algorithm for mapping, routing recorder, border sensing, obstacle detection, battery energy monitoring, navigate of auto-charging, and multi-motor control. Within the battery charging base board, the key design is an integrated battery charger control, sub-GHz communication control with a base control board and WiFi for connection to the smart home. Within the vacuum base control board, multiple sensors are integrated, enabling autonomous operation along with communication interfaces and BLDC motor control.

This solution can support sub-GHz communication with the RL78/G1H between the charger board and base control board, drive the BLDC with ZAMC4100 and efficiently manage power with the ISL85413/ ISL85403/ISL80510.

Key Features:

  • Highly integrated ZAMC4100 includes MCU + Driver + MOSFET
  • Integrated sub-GHz with RL78/G1H MCU
  • Rich communication interface with RX651 MCU

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