The 672-01/02 are zero delay buffers that generate four output clocks whose phases are spaced at 90° intervals. Based on IDT's proprietary low jitter Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) techniques, each device provides five low-skew outputs, with clock rates up to 84 MHz for the 672-01 and up to 135 MHz for the 672-02. By providing outputs delayed one quarter clock cycle, the device is useful for systems requiring early or late clocks. The 672-01/02 include multiplier selections of x0.5, x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, or x6. They also offer a mode to power-down all internal circuitry and tri-state the outputs. In normal operation, output clock FBCLK is tied to the FBIN pin. IDT manufactures the largest variety of clock generators and buffers, and is the largest clock supplier in the world.


  • Packaged in 16-pin SOIC
  • Pb (lead) free package, RoHS compliant
  • Input clock range from 5 MHz to 150 MHz (depends multiplier)
  • Clock outputs from up to 84 MHz (672-01) and up 135 MHz (672-02)
  • Zero input-output delay
  • Integrated x0.5, x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, or x6 selections
  • Four accurate (<250 ps) outputs with 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270° phase shift from ICLK, and one FBCLK (0°)
  • Separate supply for output clocks from 2.5 V to 5 V
  • Full CMOS outputs (TTL compatible)
  • Tri-state mode for board-level testing
  • Includes Power-down for power savings
  • Advanced, low power, sub-micron CMOS process
  • 3.3 V to 5 V operating voltage
  • Industrial temperature version available


器件号 Part Status Pkg. Type Lead Count (#) Temp. Grade Pb (Lead) Free Carrier Type Buy Sample
Active SOIC 16 I 是的 Tube
Active SOIC 16 I 是的 Reel


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672-02 Datasheet 数据手册 PDF 152 KB
应用指南 &白皮书
AN-828 Termination - LVPECL 应用文档 PDF 322 KB
AN-845 Termination - LVCMOS 应用文档 PDF 146 KB
AN-844 Termination - AC Coupling Clock Receivers 应用文档 PDF 170 KB
AN-842 Thermal Considerations in Package Design and Selection 应用文档 PDF 495 KB
AN-840 Jitter Specifications for Timing Signals 应用文档 PDF 442 KB
AN-834 Hot-Swap Recommendations 应用文档 PDF 153 KB
AN-827 Application Relevance of Clock Jitter 应用文档 PDF 1.15 MB
AN-815 Understanding Jitter Units 应用文档 PDF 565 KB
AN-805 Recommended Ferrite Beads 应用文档 PDF 121 KB
System Applications and Design Guidelines with IDT’s Zero-Delay Buffers 应用文档 PDF 294 KB
PDN# : CQ-18-03 Product Discontinuance Notice 产品停产通告 PDF 218 KB
PCN# : A1602-01(R1) Add Greatek Taiwan as Alternate Assembly 产品变更通告 PDF 611 KB
PCN# : A1602-01 Add Greatek Taiwan as Alternate Assembly 产品变更通告 PDF 611 KB
PCN# : A1208-01R1 Gold to Copper Wire 产品变更通告 PDF 254 KB
PCN# A-0607-06 MMT Thailand as Alternate Assembly Facility for PLCC, SOIC 150mil/300mil 产品变更通告 PDF 223 KB
672-02 5V IBIS Model 模型 - IBIS ZIP 3 KB
672-02 3.3V IBIS Model 模型 - IBIS ZIP 3 KB
672_3 模型 - IBIS ZIP 3 KB
672_5 模型 - IBIS ZIP 3 KB
Clock Distribution Overview 日本語 概览 PDF 217 KB
IDT Clock Generation Overview 日本語 概览 PDF 1.83 MB