By using an integrated development environment, e2studio, and its plug-in, QE for Display, consistently support operations from creating a project of RX MCU to installing GUI tool, “emWin” provided by Segger.

By Naoyuki Tsubaki, IoT Product Marketing -- 2021-03

Satoru introduces the new RE Family partners and how they can help to accelerate Battery Maintenance-Free product developments.

By Satoru Tomisawa, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-02

We would like to introduce Renesas Solutions for Digital Life and Car value changes

By Yusuke Kawasaki, Senior Manager -- 2021-02

How Renesas supports the quick transfer to new E/E Architectures, and how this delivers value to all stakeholders, from vehicle customers to automakers and investors.

By Adam Korbel, Senior Staff Engineer -- 2021-02

Jonathan Harris introduces the new ISL73141SEH 14-bit radiation hardened precision SAR ADC for space applications.

By Jonathan Harris, Applications Engineer, Space and Hi-Rel Products -- 2021-02

In the final message of RX’s 10th Anniversary campaign, Daryl walks you through the past and present of RX MCU Family, and highlights the direction going forward.

By Daryl Khoo, Vice President -- 2021-02

Gopi explains how the expansion of wireless charging technology beyond smartphones will enhance contactless mobile devices including industrial, medical and retail scanners that have become widely deployed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

By Gopi Akkinepally, Wireless Power Marketing Manger -- 2021-02

接下来,就由从事安全工作的RX MCU营销员新條達俊通过实际案例,说明IoT设备连接到网络所引发的威胁以及安全系统以防止这些威胁的必要性,并且介绍RX MCU性能可靠且安装方便的安全解决方案。 

By Tatsutoshi Shinjo, Application Engineer -- 2021-02

Kevin discusses the benefits of an integrated smart lighting and air quality sensor solution.

By Kevin King, Senior Manager, Electrical Design Engineering -- 2021-02

瑞萨与领先的嵌入式声音控制解决方案供应商Cyberon合作开发出基于瑞萨RA MCU的本地语音唤醒和指令识别解决方案,不受网络条件限制,可进行实时响应,并实现低功耗,低成本。

By 孙炜, 副经理 -- 2021-02