Within Renesas' well-established 16-bit standard R8C microcontrollers (MCUs) lineup, the R8C/3xT Group is ideal for touch sensor systems. This group of MCUs integrates a capacitive touch detection circuit, providing the functionality of a touch sensor IC, and thereby meeting the requirements of customers for compact size, low power consumption and strong noise tolerance.

System Block Diagram

Touch Sensor System Block Diagram


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R8C/38T-A Group Using Springs with Touch MCUs 日本語 应用文档 PDF 623 KB
R8C/38T-A Group Random measurement: Touch detection using random timing 日本語 应用文档 PDF 253 KB
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R8C/38T-A Group Touch API Reference (R8C/38T-A Group) 日本語 应用文档 PDF 911 KB
R8C/33T Group Note of the touch detection with the Watchdog Timer processing 日本語 应用文档 PDF 275 KB
R8C/33T Group Note of the touch detection with the voltage monitor processing 日本語 应用文档 PDF 266 KB
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R8C/33T Group Reducing the power consumption in stand-by mode 日本語 应用文档 PDF 297 KB
R8C/33T Group The implement of the inverter noise immunity by SCU setting 应用文档 PDF 1.88 MB
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R8C/38T-A Group Wheel operation technique of touch key 日本語 应用文档 PDF 268 KB
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R8C/33T Group Touch API Reference (R8C/33T Group) 日本語 应用文档 PDF 496 KB