Linear drivers from Long Haul and Metro applications to 5G transceivers.


SAN JOSE, Calif., March 12, 2018 – Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) (NASDAQ: IDTI) today introduces the IDT® GX72170 25G linear driver for 5G transceiver applications.  

The hottest topics in the optical transceiver market are 5G and the role of fiber in 5G deployments. Even though wireless backhaul is a combination of wireless/satellite and fiber, fiber will have a much larger share in 5G wireless backhaul compared to 4G. Backhaul upgrades are occurring globally as legacy copper-based sites are converted to packet-based transport over fiber. The demand for 25G and 50G wireless fronthaul transceivers in the next 5 years is expected to have 45% CAGR or more, according to the latest LightCounting report.  

The IDT GX72170 is a broadband, low power consumption, single channel amplifier die, which integrates a linear pre-amplifier and a post-amplifier with AC-coupled 100Ω differential input and 50Ω differential output interfaces, capable of driving a linear output voltage of up to 3.0Vppd with 10dB variable gain control range. The driver was designed to provide flat frequency response with 22GHz 3dB-bandwidth with gain flatness of ±0.5dB up to 10GHz and less than 2dB peaking from 16GHz to 24GHz, and less than 3% total harmonic distortion.  The driver integrates the peak detector and the temperature monitor.  

“We are excited to see how our long technology experience in high speed linear drivers for long haul and metro applications extended the linear drivers to 5G applications. The 5G market is fueled by the steady increase in data traffic and our goal is to provide our customers with flexible solutions that can get them to market quickly and within their cost requirements. The GX72170 driver is in production and we are happy to work with customers to have the part integrated into their transceivers,” said Marco Cipriani, director of Telecom Products for IDT’s Optical Interconnects Division.      

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