Added on 2018-10-09

One of the highest power density solutions available on the market, the easy-to-use pin-strap configurable RAA210xxx simple digital power modules offer many advantages to power supply designers including telemetry and highest power density and efficiency for advanced FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, and memory.

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Video Transcript

Digital power solutions offer many advantages to power supply designers, such as increased flexibility, monitoring data using telemetry and board space savings, leading to overall quicker development times. However, they can also add increased complexity in terms of programming know-how requirements. Renesas has addressed these issues to provide a best-of-both-worlds solution.

Hi. I am Ashish Razdan, Applications Engineer with Renesas' Industrial Power group, and today I would like to introduce Renesas' family of simple digital power modules.

The simple digital modules provide a design-in experience along the lines of an analog power module while retaining an industry standard PMBus interface for telemetry and configuration.

The family of power modules is fully configurable via pin-strap resistors, which provide for a simple plug-and-play solution.

A comprehensive selection of pin-strap resistor settings are available to program features like output voltage, switching frequency, input UVLO, ramp times and soft-start/stop, as well as sophisticated features such as voltage tracking, external clock synchronization and phase spreading.

As a solution for every point of load, the RAA210xxx family of Renesas simple digital power modules supports multiple voltage rails, output currents, and a variety of power management features, and are suitable for different powertrain architectures, example: FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs, and memory.

The simple digital power module line supports output voltages from 0.6V to 5V and output current ranging from 25A to 70A, making them one of the highest power density solutions available in the market today.

Renesas' proprietary ChargeMode control architecture provides a fast transient response within a single switching cycle, reducing the amount of capacitance at the output.

Simple digital modules provide real-time telemetry for input and output voltages, currents, temperature, switching frequency, and fault status, which improves reliability and system uptime.

Unlike analog modules, simple digital family modules are equipped with onboard memory, which captures parametric data during a fault event and makes it much easier to troubleshoot the system.

Here, you can see an evaluation board for a member of the simple digital family, the RAA210850, which provides all the peripheral circuitry to evaluate the features of the device. You can also see a typical implementation of the RAA210850 here. Only input and output capacitors, along with pin-strap resistors and a few other components, are required to complete the design.

All simple digital power modules from Renesas are supported by the Renesas PowerNavigator GUI. This software tool provides easy access for real-time monitoring and customization using a PC with a standard USB interface. PowerNavigator makes it very simple to access all the PMBus commands to configure the simple digital power module via an easy to understand user interface.

Additional online design support tools like PowerCompass and iSim models are also available to simplify the design process and lead to shorter development cycles and faster time to market.

The RAA210xxx family of power modules simplifies configuration and control of digital power technology while offering an upgrade path to full PMBus configuration through the pin-compatible ISL827x family of full digital power modules.

For more information on the RAA210xxx family of simple digital parts, including documentation, design tools, or to order evaluation board samples, please visit our website.