Silicon Turnkey Express's (STx) Serial RapidIO Development Platform2 (SRDP2) is a prototyping platform that leverage’s IDT’s RapidIO Gen2 switches. The SRDP2 has a variety of interfaces that allow customers to interface DSPs, Microprocessors, and FPGAs to IDT switches. Interfaces include AMCs, SMAs, InfinBand/CX4, SFP+ and QSFP connectors. This allows customer to implement most network configurations that represent their production hardware in a logically equivalent manner. By doing so, systems firmware and software engineers can start implementing their code before actual production hardware is available accelerating development cycles and time to market. 
Other purposes for the SRDP2 include interoperability testing, network performance benchmarking, or even simply learning more about RapidIO Gen2 in a hands on environment.
The SRDP2 comes equipped with RapidFET JTAG a software tool that can be used to configure IDT switches out of band via the JTAG interface on the board, making access to registers simple via a user friendly Graphical User Interface. 
For more information about the STX SRDP2, see www.silicontkx.com and www.silicontkx.com/srdp2.html.
  • S-RIO Switching Fabric
    • Device: IDT CPS-1848 and CPS-1616 S-RIO Gen2 switches
    • Link speed: 6.25, 5, 3.125, 2.5, 1.25 Gbaud
    • Protocol: S-RIO Gen1 (v1.3) or S-RIO Gen2 (v2.1)
    • LA probe: Mid-bus footprint for all 48 S-RIO lanes
  • Industry-standard system interconnect connectors
    • 3 AMC B+ connectors: 4x S-RIO link, Ports 4–7 and 8–11 (NO support for IPMC and JTAG)
    • 2 SFP+ connectors: 1x S-RIO link
    • 1 QSFP connector: 4x S-RIO link
    • 4 InfiniBand/CX4 connectors: 4x S-RIO link
    • SMA arrays
  • Clock distribution
    • PLL synthesizer: IDT 841N254i, four outputs
    • Clock frequency: 156.25 MHz, differential HCSL
    • Reference Clock Out: SMA, differential LVDS, 156.25 MHz
    • Optional Reference Clock In: SMA, LVTTL, 25 MHz
  • JTAG and  I2C
    • JTAG header: 0.1" 10-pin header
    • I2C header: 0.1” 10-pin header
    • One I2C EEPROM per S-RIO switch
    • On-board USB to JTAG/I2C converter (FTDI FT2232HL)
  • Power distribution
    • External power supply: ATX power supply with on-board push-button ON/OFF control
    • Power good status LEDs 
    • Board power without AMC cards: 14 Watts
  • Physical
    • PCB: 7.5” x 12.5”
    • With the card guide assembly 14.2” x 12.5”
  • Implement logical equivalent of production hardware configurations
  • Reduce Time to Market by accelerating software and firmware design
  • Learn about IDT Gen2 switches and pass packets between IDT switches and endpoints
  • Interface Endpoint boards and Evaluation platforms to IDT switches with AMCs, SMAs, InfiniBand/CX4, SFP+ or QSFP connector
  • Backward compatible with all RapidIO Gen1 AMCs and development platforms
  • AMCs inserted to connector in a PCB free area, which means height restrictions that some AMCs have are virtually eliminated
  • Easily configure IDT switches with RapidFET JTAG
  • Conduct Interoperability/interworking tests
  • Defense and Aerospace: Radar, sonar and navigations systems 
  • Medical Imaging:  CT Scanners, MRIs, Ultrasound  
  • Video:  Teleconferencing and Head End
  • Wireless:  4G Base band processing cards
  • Server and High Performance Computing