The devices in this family are radiation hardened 5.0V/3.3V supervisory circuits that reduce the complexity required to monitor supply voltages in microprocessor systems. These devices significantly improve accuracy and reliability relative to discrete solutions. Each IC provides four key functions: A reset output during power-up, power-down and brownout conditions, an independent watchdog output that goes low if the watchdog input has not been toggled within 1.6s, a precision threshold detector for monitoring a power supply other than VDD, and an active-low, manual-reset input.


  • Electrically screened to SMD 5962-11213
  • QML qualified per MIL-PRF-38535 requirements
  • Radiation acceptance testing - ISL705xEH, ISL706xEH
    • High dose rate: 100krad(Si)
    • Low dose rate: 50krad(Si)
  • SEE hardness (see SEE report for details)
    • SEL/SEB LETTH: 86MeV•cm2/mg
  • Precision supply voltage monitor
    • 4.65V threshold in the ISL7x5AxH/BxH/CxH
  • 200ms (typical) reset pulse width
    • Active high, active low, and open-drain options
  • Independent watchdog timer with 1.6s (typical) timeout
  • Precision threshold detector
    • 1.25V threshold in the ISL7x5AxH/BxH/CxH
  • Debounced TTL/CMOS compatible manual-reset input
  • Reset output valid at VDD = 1.2V


  • Supervisor for microprocessors, microcontrollers, FPGAs, and DSPs
  • Critical power supply monitoring
  • Reliable replacement of discrete solutions


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star ISL705xRH, ISL705xEH, ISL706xRH, ISL706xEH, ISL735xEH, ISL736xEH Datasheet データシート PDF 977 KB
AN1710: ISL705xRH and IS706xRH SPICE Model アプリケーションノート PDF 271 KB
AN9867: End of Life Derating: A Necessity or Overkill アプリケーションノート PDF 338 KB
Intersil Space Products Brochure カタログ PDF 3.16 MB
Intersil Commercial Lab Services カタログ PDF 364 KB
VIRTEX5MEZPWREV1Z User Guide マニュアル-開発ツール PDF 1.32 MB
ISL705XRHEVAL1Z User Guide マニュアル-開発ツール PDF 327 KB
Standard Microcircuit Drawing 5962-11213 (ISL705AEH, ISL705ARH, ISL705BEH, ISL705BRH, ISL705CEH, ISL705CRH, ISL706AEH, ISL706ARH, ISL706BEH, ISL706BRH, ISL706CEH, ISL706CRH) その他資料 0 KB
ISL705xRH, ISL705xEH, ISL735xEH Total Dose Test Report レポート PDF 511 KB
ISL705AEH Neutron Test Report レポート PDF 279 KB
ISL705xRH/EH and ISL706xRH/EH SEE Test Report レポート PDF 1.62 MB
Wafer by Wafer Low Dose Rate Acceptance White Paper ホワイトペーパー PDF 533 KB


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isl705xrh_isl706xrh_spice_files Model - Other ZIP 726 KB
ISL705xRHEVAL1Z Design Files PCB設計ファイル ZIP 253 KB


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