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The ISL8216M is a simple and easy to use, high voltage DC/DC module and is ideal for a wide variety of applications. It eliminates design and manufacturing risks while dramatically improving time to market. The simplicity is in the Off-The-Shelf unassisted implementation. All you need is the ISL8216M, input and output capacitors, and one resistor to program the output voltage and you have a complete high voltage power design ready for the market. The ISL8216M is packaged in a thermally enhanced, compact (15mm×15mm×3. 6mm) over-molded High-Density Array (HDA) Package, which permits full load operation without heat sink or fans. The package is suitable for automated assembly by standard surface mount equipment. The small amount of external components reduce the PCB to a component layer and a simple ground layer.


  • Complete switch mode power supply in one package
  • Wide input voltage range: 10V to 80V
  • Output current 4A
  • Programmable soft-start
  • Compliant with EN 55022 Class B (see AN1907)
  • SYNC and adjustable frequency 200kHz to 600kHz
  • Single resistor sets VOUT +2.5V up to +30V
  • Setpoint accuracy ±1.5%
  • Programmable overcurrent protection
  • RoHS compliant with exemption
  • Small footprint, low profile (15mm×15mm×3.6mm)


  • Servers
  • 48V telecom and datacom applications
  • 12V and 42V automotive and industrial equipment
  • Distributed power converters and point-of-load (POL)
  • regulation
  • General purpose step-down DC/DC


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star ISL8216M Datasheet
PDF 1.71 MB
AN1681: Grounding Techniques
PDF 509 KB
AN1684: Nonideality of Ground
PDF 397 KB
TB498: PCB Design and Assembly Recommendations for Intersil HDA Module Technology
PDF 1.22 MB
PCN21038 - Alternate Inductor used in ISL8216MIRZ* Renesas HDA Module
PDF 119 KB
PLC21013 - End of Life Notice
Product Life Cycle Notice
PDF 215 KB
Five Easy Steps to Create a Multi-Load Power Solution
PDF 846 KB
How Green is Your Cloud?
PDF 295 KB



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ISL8216MEVAL1Z Complete High Voltage 80V, 4A DC/DC Power Module Evaluation Board Evaluation Renesas