Veridify Security’s fast, energy-efficient security methods are ideal for protecting RE01 devices and the low resource IoT points they connect to. Veridify’s DOME™ Device Ownership Management and Enrollment™ solution provides a zero-touch onboarding and ownership management platform for RE01 devices in the field without requiring a pervasive cloud or network connection. DOME provides a zero-touch solution enabling device-level security management, firmware updates, and ownership transfer that is simple, fast, and cost-effective.


  • Easily implement secure boot, secure firmware update, remote authentication, and data protection in software on RE MCU family devices.
  • Compact and low-energy methods are ideal for the RE series and the low resource IoT devices they connect to
  • Zero-touch provisioning and device management for secure supply chain
  • Quantum-resistance delivers future-proof authentication and data protection
  • Available in software on RE01; reduces time and cost to market entry


  • Industrial IoT
  • Smart building/home
  • Embedded medical devices
  • Metering
  • Remote sensor/monitoring


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