The MicroClock  5L1503 / 5L1503L / 5L1503S Development Kit include a USB interface connecting board, 5L1503 / 5L1503L / 5L1503S evaluation board, tiny evaluation board and 25 units of 5L1503 samples. Using the Renesas Timing CommanderTM GUI, customers can create their own sample in minutes and also perform signal integrity verification on the board. Renesas Timing CommanderTM GUI can be used to program the 5L1503 series on the board through USB interface connecting board. 


  • Program MicroClock 5L1503 / 5L1503L / 5L1503S blank parts in the socket
  • Removable socket board
  • Programmer board is powered using USB port
  • Programmer board uses Renesas Timing Commander GUI to program the blank parts
  • USB port is the communication channel between the GUI and the MicroClock 5L1503 series device in the socket
  • A tiny evaluation board can be attached to the existing system for system validation


タイトル language 分類 形式 サイズ 日付
star 5x1503 Family Development Kit User Guide マニュアル-開発ツール PDF 2.19 MB
5X1503-5L1503 Family Evaluation Board User Guide マニュアル-ハードウェア PDF 596 KB
5X1503-5L1503 Reference Schematic 回路図 PDF 58 KB