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The 2SK2857C, N-channel vertical type MOSFET designed for general-purpose switch, is a device which can be driven directly by a 4. 0 V power source.


  • Directly driven by a 4.0 V power source.
  • Low on-state resistance RDS(on)1 = 105 mΩ MAX. (VGS = 10 V, ID = 2.0 A) RDS(on)2 = 150 mΩ MAX. (VGS = 4.0 V, ID = 2.0 A)


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star 2SK2857C Data Sheet データシート PDF 190 KB
Power Devices Part Number Guide ガイド PDF 2.00 MB
弊社の車載向けアナログ&パワー製品に関しての使用上のご注意 ガイド PDF 596 KB
PowerMOSFET & IPD カタログ PDF 2.24 MB