Phil Brinkley, Manager, Applications Engineer
Phil Brinkley
Manager, Applications Engineer

Security surveillance systems have come a long way in a relatively short period of time. Gone are the days when surveillance footage was grainy and showed choppy monochrome images. Today’s cameras provide HD quality video, and with the advent of the H.265 compression standard, high-quality video surveillance is dropping dramatically in storage needs and required bandwidth. H.265, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HVC) is 20–50% more efficient at compression than its H.264 predecessor and reduces bitrate requirements by as much as half with comparable image quality.

Security systems are also becoming more valuable with the addition of voice and facial recognition features. This compounds the cost savings of H.265 systems because now a computer can eliminate the need for a human to sort through hundreds of hours of video footage to find a moment of interest. The next logical step in the maturation of the security market is to make this voice and facial recognition happen in real-time for applications such as authorized entry systems. Real-time recognition requires embedded systems with very high computational capabilities and on-chip hardware acceleration.

Renesas is meeting this challenge with the release of one our newest MPUs called the RZ/G2M.

This MPU not only provides very high computational power thanks to its dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A57 (1.5GHz) and quad-core Arm® Cortex®-A53 (1.2GHz) CPUs but it also integrates many key features that are critical to high performance facial and voice recognition systems. The RZ/G2M has built-in H.265 hardware decoding, 2D/3D graphic acceleration, and ECC on internal and external memory in all devices to eliminate soft-errors and allow for high-speed video processing.

Renesas has just released a winning combination that showcases using the RZ/G2M in a voice and facial recognition solution to provide authorized entry. The following Voice/Face Recognition for Security Systems Winning Combination design demonstrates a typical security system and provides a full power and timing tree to create an RZ/G2M-based application.

To go along with the hardware, Renesas has created an RZ/G Linux package that uses the long-term support Linux kernel promoted by The Linux Foundation's CIP™ (Civil Infrastructure Platform™) Project. This supports the long-term guarantee that is demanded by security, industrial and infrastructure equipment. Renesas provides basic software (3D graphics, security, GUI, and driver software) for which operation has been verified with a CIP Linux kernel, as packaged software. This platform can reduce time to market by up to 40% and reduce development costs by as much as 80%.

Visit the winning combinations page to see more winning combination solutions that help our customers accelerate their designs to get to market faster.

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